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bell Success Like a bell ringing to announce a victory, DingDoong represents the sound of success for our merchants: successful deliveries and happy customers.
bell Efficiency Like a bell ringing to announce that an order has been received, processed, and delivered, all in a seamless and timely manner.
bell Satisfaction Like a bell ringing to announce the package's arrival at the doorstep, customers feel excited receiving their awaited package, which is handed on time and in the right place.
bell Innovation Like a bell ringing with new creative ideas and alerts, we're committed to staying on top of e-commerce trends and constantly updating & improving our features.

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Frequently asked questions

Orders submitted by DingDoong are recognized by its auto date & time tag. Or you can add unlimited custom tags here to manage your orders effortlessly.
You can see these orders at Shopify orders where you may see orders from other apps else, orders submitted by DingDoong was recognized by its auto date & time tag or your specified custom tags Beside that, DingDoong offers you a built-in calendar to get a view of all your orders with their delivery/ pickup date & time, order number, status and customer Moreover, the app is well integrated with Google Calendar where you get a bird's eye view of your entire schedule. Check & get order notifications directly on your mobile, never miss a single order
DingDoong hasn't currently provided a physical delivery but we will own it down the road because we are aiming to become a completed & powerful app that helps you to deal with all of your logistics questions Now, I do have integration with most major courier delivery companies to make sure you have a seamless experience. Let us know if you have some local courier partners, we are happy to work with
DingDoong makes sure our customers have world-class service regardless of your pricing plans. We are ready to offer support via 24/7 live chat, emails, calls, zoom or 1-1 personalized demo to help you get started with ease
Happy to say that the app works worldwide. In widget appearance settings, you are flexible to tailor your widget to any language you desire. Just you need a complete shipping solution to unlock your higher revenue, DingDoong surely makes you satisfied

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