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Make your menu digital and take your business to the next level: efficiency, satisfaction, and revenue-boosting.


Scan, Choose, and Savor - The Seamless Dining Experience with Digital Menu

1. Scan and access the menu

Each table has a unique QR code that diners can scan to quickly and easily access your menu on their phone, without the need for any app downloads.

2. View and order

The digital menu is visually appealing, user-friendly, and displays full item information, making it easy for diners to browse and select their preferred dishes and drinks.

Orders are automatically sent to your order panel, printer, or POS system, streamlining the entire ordering process.

3. Pay and enjoy

Various payment methods are available, including popular online payment integrations, so diners can quickly and securely pay for their orders and enjoy a seamless dining experience from start to finish.

DingDoong Digital Menu -
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Scan and access the menu

Goodbye paper menus, hello interactive experience.

  • Frictionless and automated ordering.
  • Instant menu updates without printing costs.
  • Promote and recommend menu items.
  • Full item details: ingredients, variants, allergens, calories
  • Dynamic menus for all times of day
Experience dining like never before.

Experience dining like never before.

  • Enjoy a safe and hygienic dining experience.
  • Provoke the appetite with stunning menu imagery.
  • Order faster and skip the lines.
  • Have complete control over the order.
  • Ensure order accuracy and track status in real-time.
Do more, in less time & cost.

Do more, in less time & cost.

  • Automate ordering & payment process.
  • Improve communication between kitchen, staff & diners.
  • Reduce need for order staff & labor costs.
Boost your marketing efforts for success.

Get more money from every order.

  • Increase customer spending.
  • Turn tables faster.
  • Upsell with relevant deals and recommendations.
Boost your marketing efforts for success.

Boost your marketing efforts for success.

  • Store order, payment, and customer data.
  • Utilize analytics for remarketing purposes.
  • Encourage repeat visits from diners.

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Empowering your menu to travel the world

Qr code menus displayed on table tents
Table Tents
Qr code menus displayed on flyers
Qr code menus displayed on tabletop inserts
Tabletop Inserts
Qr code menus displayed on printed menus
Printed Menus
Qr code menus displayed on sandwich board
Sandwich Board
Qr code menus displayed on business cards
Business Cards

DingDoong Digital Menu -
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Our Client’s Qr code menu

Frequently asked questions

QR menu provides a modern experience for restaurants and cafes. It helps owners reduce labor cost and improve revenue
Traditional menu provides a tailored, manual experience, while QR menu provide a more modern one. QR menu is also said to improve revenue by up to 22% through upsell and cross-sell
QR Menu on your phone triggers impulsive buying, so you can easily upsell and cross-sell with ease. Couple this with the frictionless payment
Certainly, the Qr code menu on DingDoong has been integrated with the world's most popular POS management system. If you are using other pos management software not connected to DingDoong digital menu, please send us any information and your specific requirements, we are so happy to work with.
You completely digitalize & manage your menu in the way you expect. HD graphics, slideshows, animations, and videos may be used to display menus in a more informative & engaging manner. Additionally, menu updates may be made instantly without paying extra for printing and update costs.
The DingDoong QR code menu not only collects customer data (name, email, or address) and order details, but it also includes a feedback section to measure your customer satisfaction. These valuable data will be carefully reported and analyzed to use for remarketing, turning the first visit into a regular one.

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