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Bring happiness for your customers on special events

With DingDoong, customers can place flower orders from you and you’ll have expected delivery time to ship the bouquets. Everything is done automatically on the app, from the moment you set up functions such as delivery area validation, shipping rate adjustment and Group order set up. You can event install the app on your local POS to utilize the same function, reducing the planning headache, saving major human resource cost.
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The USA flower industry has been rising steadily at a growth rate of 10.5% annually. The estimated worth of the floral industry is around $22 billion
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The United States spends $1.83 billion per annum on flowers and is one of the largest markets globally
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Online flower merchants are growing at the rate of 11.8% annually
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77% of consumers purchase flowers because there is a special occasion. 60% of the global market sales of flowers are for gifts for someone else.
Group order allows multiple people to get involved in 1 order.

People don’t think florists can utilize Group order because people don’t buy different bouquets at the same time, but in reality, you’d be surprised how picky people can be. Office men buy different flowers for their partner on special occasions, including different wrappers, different gifts to come with it and so on.

Having a digital tool to help them shop with their personal cart and ship to 1 address actually make their lives much easier.
The future of online shopping, both convenient for buyers and merchants
Create a new shopping experience
Save your planning time
Seamless planning online and offline
Drive more sales volume
Save on costs and staff resources
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Group order comes free with all stores has DingDoong installed. All you need to do is go to DingDoong app on Shopify admin, go to tab Group order, enable the function and you’re ready!
Decide the position & tailor the widget
Not only that but you can also adjust the appearance of Group Order widget to visually fit better to your store. This including, but not limited to, changing colours, icon, position of the widget.
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Group order can be used to meet promotional requirement.
Say your promotional threshold is $50. Normally, people can actually not to opt for this promotion, and willing to pay less. This is not ideal for sellers because the cart value is small, yet the shipping fee must be beared.
With Group order, more people are involved, hence the promotion is met easier, and therefore higher revenue. Happy group of customers, happy sellers.
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All the customers need to do is create a mutual cart, send the invitation link to their friends or anyone involved, and continue their shopping on their own device without having to log in. Once everyone is done with their shopping and confirm their selection, the cart owner (creator of the cart) review the order, edit out any item they don’t want to pay for, then pay for the whole cart.
The order will be delivered to the address of choice, but only 1 address allowed.
It’s that simple!
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Adjust rate by zipcode, weight, order value
You can devise your shipping rate per your interest. You can choose where you want to ship, what’s the fee. If that’s a special item, you can adjust per weight, and provide free shipping over a certain value. It’s all up to you, how you want to set up your pricing strategy.
Choose which rate is shown
If 1 order is eligible for multiple rate, you can opt which one is shown: All of them, the highest rate, or the lowest. DingDoong provide a flexible tool for you to adjust what will appear on your website accordance to your strategy.
taking order
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DingDoong: Delivery + Pickup allow you to devise date and timeslot for people to choose, making planning easier. This function can also be integrated into your store’s POS in no time, allowing orders either from your website or your POS to be reported on Shopify admin, and synced to your personal Google Calendar., so you’ll never miss out on anything.

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