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Delivery & Pickup time:
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Not just the bakers, the florists, the retailers can benefit from the app, but anyone. It’s not just about planning, but also managing customers’ expectation.

Delivery & Pickup
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Delivery Date & Pickup time

Allow customers to choose when they want their orders delivered/picked-up.

Set maximum number of orders by day, timeslot and which store is available for pick up.

This is the fundamental function of the app, giving customers the time slot they wish and you timing for preparation

Delivery Date & Pickup time
Postal code (zipcode) Validation

Decide where you want to ship your product and where you don't

Only customers within the permitted area is validated

Not only is it better to manage customer's expecation but also your own business

Postal code (zipcode) Validation
Blackout dates

Set up Blackout dates (Holiday or day off) to better manage your planning

Blackout dates
Include/Exclude specific product

Set up Blackout dates (Holiday or day off) to better manage your planning

Include/Exclude specific product

Should you have any request for query, our support team is always available for help. Our developers are also on the line for any technical problem or customizing request we are capable of.


Manage expectation
with delivery and pick up

You plan your resources, they plan their order reception. It’s not just about shipping fulfillment. It’s also about manageing customer’s expectation.

It’s not always the case but I do find the app to be extremely useful for my business. And of course, it comes with a reasonable price as well, which is always nice.

- Alejandro Lopez, Marketing Coordinator
Easy to set up, easy to use Easy to set up, easy to use Every single one of DingDoong’s function can be set up easily within minutes, while the user interface of the app is simple enough for everyone to understand and follow.
Never miss a single shipment Never miss a single shipment All orders are synced to Shopify and your personal Google Calendar. Turn on your notification to never miss a single shipment.
Improve customer satisfaction Improve customer satisfaction Customers now know exactly when the order arrives. It’ only up to you to deliver it.

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Frequently asked questions

Make sure to turn on embed app in the setting.
1. Go to your Shopify Theme Editor
2. Turn on the app in the App embeds section
3. Adjust the widget position on the Product page and Cart page
For more information, please read it here
Number of preparation day: the number of day needed to prepare for 1 order. Only when the number of preparation day is over, the delivery date range begins. If you set the preparation day to 0, delivery date range will begin on the same day of the order, if it's 1, it will be delivered from tomorrow.
Delivery date range: the range of day you expect the order to come from the point of preparation finish. If you set 2 days, it means the order can be delivered within 2 days of preparation finish.
Blackout dates: Shop's holiday. You have to set specific date range so that the computer will avoid those dates neither as preparation day or delivery range.
Example: You work 7 days a week. The customers place their order on Wednesday the 5th. Preparation day is 3, so delivery date range will begin from Saturday the 8th. Range of delivery is 5, so the order can be shipped on either the 8th-9th-10th-11th-12th
Cut-off time is the time from which orders will be counted as the next day's. For example, if the cut off time is 5:30 p.m, orders from 5:31 p.m will be counted as next day's order, and preparation time will count from next day. If, say the order is placed on 6:04 p.m on Tuesday, it will be counted as a Wednesday order, and preparation begin on Wednesday.
Of course! You can choose specific product or products, then choose whether you want them to be the only one included or excluded from the rule.
Please also make sure to check the "Require the delivery date before checkout" box in the Widget Setting tab.
Unfortunately, this isn't a feature just yet, but we do support customize this for merchants should the demand arise.
The app is fully customizable to your request. You can always contact us and we'll get our developers involved to meet your demand. The world is your oyster.
Certainly! All you need to do is set up both of them in the app, make sure to enable both Delivery and Pickup function.
You can also disable either or of them temporarily should the business needs.

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