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Make your business stand out from other competitors with unbeatable Group order function. Saving on cost and delivery fees, making online shopping easier than ever, you are providing an unheard fantastic experience to your custommers.

Tailor your date picker widget according to event thems and manage orders during your busiest time. With DingDoong, you have the most powerful shipping tool for your online bakery.
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The baking industry generates over $58 billion in revenues each year, which represents 9.1% of the GDP in the United States.
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40% of consumers say that their food and beverage purchases are the most critical to how they take care of their overall health
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65% of consumers also say that they would purchase fresh foods online if a fast delivery option was offered to them
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51% of consumers go online to see if there are sales or coupons available for the cakes that they want to purchase

How can you introduce new customer experience as a baker?

Enabling Group order to your store. With Group order, you are allowing multiple people involved in 1 cart, allowing them to choose different products on their own, creating a new e-commerce experience for them, while getting valuable customer insight and of course, income.

By getting multiple people involved, you’re getting more people to know your business, assessing multiple people at once.

Implementing Group order will set a new standard for your competition, and it’s free with the DingDoong app.

The future of online shopping, both convenient for buyers and merchants
Make online shopping easier
Save on fees
Bring people closer together
Drive more sales volume
Save on costs and staff resources
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Group order comes free with all stores has DingDoong installed. All you need to do is go to DingDoong app on Shopify admin, go to tab Group order, enable the function and you’re ready!
Decide the position & tailor the widget
Not only that but you can also adjust the appearance of Group Order widget to visually fit better to your store. This including, but not limited to, changing colours, icon, position of the widget.
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Group order can be used to meet promotional requirement.

Say your promotional threshold is $50. Normally, people can actually not to opt for this promotion, and willing to pay less. This is not ideal for sellers because the cart value is small, yet the shipping fee must be beared.

With Group order, more people are involved, hence the promotion is met easier, and therefore higher revenue. Happy group of customers, happy sellers.
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All the customers need to do is create a mutual cart, send the invitation link to their friends or anyone involved, and continue their shopping on their own device without having to log in. Once everyone is done with their shopping and confirm their selection, the cart owner (creator of the cart) review the order, edit out any item they don’t want to pay for, then pay for the whole cart.
The order will be delivered to the address of choice, but only 1 address allowed.
It’s that simple!
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Position date picker widget
Move your date picker to any position you desire on product page, cart page, ajax cart or all of them
Customize the widget
Be flexible to decide the looks and feel of your date picker widget from layout, format, language, shape and color. If you don’t have good eye on design, rest assured that DingDoong offers available widget settings aligned with your store theme (Dawn, Crave, Studio, Fresh...) and event theme (halloween, christmas,...). Draw your customer attention and increase the conversion rate by 70% now!
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limit order
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Limit order by day and time slot can be incredibly handy for a lot of people. By limiting order can be placed in certain time or on certain day, you’re making customers compromise with your productivity. Essentially, you’re not turning customers away, you’re just saying “That’s out of my production capacity, please understand”. Avoid overworking and over compromising by limiting order is one of the way to ensure productivity and product quality.
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