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“Revenue of the store increased by 84% within 5 months, total number of orders increased by 103% which is impressive for a local business.”

The result achieved after 5 months using the app

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increase in the revenue of the business.
Online shopping
increase in the total number of orders
+2 bakers
hired to improve business
+1 store
opened in Southampton, England.
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Nigel White
Good Time Pasty Owner
DingDoong is great for order preparation. With DingDoong, our productivity has improved a lot. I like the app because of how easy it is to use and to easy to see. With the app, we have found a better way to do digital order planning. Amazing customer support as well!
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About client

Good Time Pastry (GTP) is a local bakery in Winchester, England. They sell affordable croissants and muffins for the locals and office people going to work in the morning. Good Time Pastry has only started their business in the summer of 2021, and has only recovered their initial investment by March 2022. They are looking to scale their business to local hometowns and expand it to train stations.

The challenges faced by Good Time Pastry

Due to the nature of baking, pastries can only be kept fresh within a few days, or even a few hours out of the oven. Customers would certainly always prefer fresh muffins over anything else that aren’t, hence the difficulty in planning.

In addition, being a relatively new business, they have to carefully manage customers’ expectations, keeping them happy and coming back, while making sure not to compromise with everything, especially when the business has limited human resources and cash flow to operate with. It’s obviously wonderful to have customers from outside your area know and want your product, but logistics fee would also be something you have to consider

The solution offered by DingDoong

DingDoong offered them a unique solution for Good Time Pastry.

DingDoong is available for both online and offline services with Shopify POS to begin with, so they can use the app for both their store and website.

With DingDoong, Good Time Pastries allows customers to choose the date and time slot they wish to deliver their bakeries, which makes the whole planning process much easier to do and follow. With such information, the owner of the shop would understand the demand better. On the customers’ side, it’s also convenient to manage their expectations.

There is also Postcode (zip code) validation set up, so that GTP can manage which order is too far for them to deliver, and which isn’t. They even go further and customize the website to store on their Shopify invalid postcodes (postcodes they currently don’t offer shipping to) for future business expansion planning.

And finally, with shipping rate set up, GTP is making customers spend more to meet the threshold amount for free shipping, helping the business flourish.

The result achieved by Good Time Pastry

GTP saw a palpable increase in productivity. They manage their order and their cash flow with little to no headache, even managed to hire 2 more bakers to improve business.

Revenue of the store increased by 84% within 5 months, total number of orders increased by 103% which is impressive for a local business.

They have expanded their business to not only the local people in Winchester but also offer delivery for local businesses for their small events, meetings or parties. They’re also shipping to different new postcodes on the outskirts of town, with intention to open another shop in Southampton, England.

The future of Good Time Pastry

GTP is assessing the opportunity to open a local shop in downtown Southampton. Should the business go well, they will move on to open in other towns in Hampshire county. The target customer will remain the same, but the owner wants to explore bigger office supply prospects, as they now have had new connections with office workers, even with local schools.

With Group order function launching soon, they are also looking for new business opportunities, with university students for example.

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