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Group order:
Boosting sales while
creating a new e-
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No matter if you’re a local store targeting town people or international business shipping to different countries, anyone can benefit from the function. In addition, shoppers would be surprised as well, because it is something they didn’t know they wanted.

Group Order
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What’s Group Order ?

Simply put, Group Order improve the digital experience of shoppers by allowing multiple to join in on 1 cart. The practice of group ordering isn't new, but there isn't a tool on the market to make it easier and more convenient for customers.

What’s Group Order ?
How to set it up

Merchants set up DingDoong from Shopify App Store. Once installed, enable Group Order from Group Order tab. Adjust how the positioning, design and message are displayed on your website. You can go on to your storefront to test. We do recommend you create new promotions such as free shipping to encourage people to invite more people and spend more.

How to set it up
Customers’ flow

A group order cart is created. A link will then be created for them to share with others.
People who join the link will be have their own personal cart as part of the big cart. Once they've done their shopping, they can confirm their selection. Once everyone, including the owner, has done their shopping, the owner confirms the order, edit out any item they don't want to pay for, pick a date & time slot for delivery/ pickup (optional) and pay for the entire order (everyone's cart).

Customers’ flow

The feature is available to everyone who install DingDoong. However, with the Free plan, you can only use any function of the app for the first 20 orders of the month, until the next billing cycle

Who is it for?

We believe this feature is for everyone, every kind of product. Having said that, we do believe there are a few, both sellers and customers, who would benefit greatly from the function.
They are office suppliers, lunch caterers, booksellers, bakers, grocers.
They are also international shoppers, students, companies' general affairs.
The possibility is limitless. It's free anyway so you can turn it on just for fun! And who knows, you might be a unicorn we haven't thought of.

Who is it for?
Why DingDoong?

The feature comes with DingDoong, so you don't have to pay an extra dime for it.
It's also super simple to use, with plan for development in the future lining up.

Why DingDoong?

Group order to boost revenue and satisfaction

Create a new shopping habit for customers with incredible new features from DingDoong

It’s a feature neither we nor our customers knew we wanted, but it is definitely something we both needed. I think people have to try it to see how helpful it really is.

- Mike Taylor, Marketing team lead
Free to use Free to use It comes with DingDoong: Delivery + Pickup app for absolute free.
Easy to set up Easy to set up All you need to do is turn on the feature in DingDoong app, set up how the feature appear on your website and you’re done.
Set new standard Set new standard We believe that this is the future of e-commerce, people do have demand, just haven’t had the technical feature to do Group ordering as easily as they hope.

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Frequently asked questions

Shopify only allow 1 shipping address at checkout, so the order can only be delivered to 1 address.
At the moment, there hasn’t a feature for separate payment for group ordering, but we’re working on it
Other people provided with the link can join the cart and shop without having to log in. However, if they want to start a cart of their own, they will have to log in.
If the friend haven’t confirmed their orders, they can still edit their personal carts. However, if they have confirmed their selections, only the cart owner can edit the cart.
The link would only expire if the owner of the cart cancel or the order is confirmed.
Group Order can be used to meet promotional requirements. Therefore, creating an appealing discounts & promos strategy is one of the best ways to motivate your customers to use Group Order. DingDoong doesn't directly help you create discounts, but you can do so in Shopify, then sync those discounts to the app, and pick the ones that you wish to apply. As a result, the chosen discounts will be shown for your customers to use. See our docs here for more details
Absolutely, you can tailor each component of the Group Order widget, including its position, wording, and color. Easy to set up & Custom CSS included. Don't forget to contact us for any of your specific demands, our devs & technical support staff are always here to help.
Yes, we are happy to annouce that DingDoong is the first app that allows customers to do group ordering with ease. Easy to set up, user-friendly, and straightforward on the Shopify store. Group order is expected to be the best option for those who want to beat their competition as it not only helps to increase Average Order Value (AOV) but also brings an exceptional online shopping experience. Get the app installed now and be ahead of the game!
Yes, of course, we are always happy to hear from you since it's a valuable chance for us to know more about our customers. We provide some necessary documents to help you dig more into Group Order function: video & docs tutorials, blog, and demo store (password: 123). Additionally, you can contact us directly via live chat 24/7 in-app or email at [email protected] for a 1-1 demo or any of your queries. You can be confident that our devs and technical support staff are always there to help you at all times.