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Shipping rate:
Remain profitable by
devising reasonable rate

Create a shipping rate based on distance, weight, or event product-specific. Devise rates to keep both your customers happy and your business running. With DingDoong, the world is your oyster.

Shipping Rates
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Shipping rate criteria

You can set up shipping rate based on area, weight or total order value

Shipping rate criteria
Pick up rate

Besides shipping rate, you can also set up store pick-up rate per your intention. This could be to shift traffic to your desire site or simply to maintain profit.

Pick up rate
Feature availability

The feature is available to everyone who install DingDoong. However, with the Free plan, you can only use any function of the app for the first 20 orders of the month, until the next billing cycle

Feature availability
Why DingDoong?

Shipping rate and pick-up rate are both available for you set up, plus flexible rule creator makes DingDoong the best-in-class app around

Why DingDoong?

Provide a reasonable
rate per your intention

Everyone loves free shipping but free shipping aren’t always profitable. Create a rate to keep the cash flow positive and the buyers happy by devising a reasonable rate

We had to find a way to keep the price down but still maintain profit margin, otherwise we couldn’t scale. This app is a good tool. It has a lot of rule we can set up.

- Alejandro Lopez, Marketing Coordinator
Set up flexible rules Set up flexible rules You can set up the rate based on postal code, weight, total order value and so on.
Keep the business profitable Keep the business profitable Ensure the positive cash flow with a reasonable shipping rate and not bumping the price too much.
Open new opportunities Open new opportunities With the information and profit colleced, you can expand the business to the direct of your customer.

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Frequently asked questions

No. If the order qualifies for multiple rate, every eligible rates are shown for the shopper to choose.
Before configuring shipping rates, make sure that you have enabled Carrier Service API or Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) on your online store
Follow the guide here, you'll get on the right track.
Rates are linked to zones. You can set unlimited zones and have as many rates for a zone as you like. You can have price-based rates, weight-based rates, or have both active at the same time.
Yes, you are allowed to specify which rates are shown: all, the lowest or the highest
Happy to say that DingDoong works well with all kind of zipcodes, even with complicated UK postcode system

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