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POS integration:
Utilize the same function
online and offline

We offer delivery and pickup set up for POS as well, so not only will your online Shopify store can manage digitally the orders, but your brick-and-mortar store will can also have that function as well

POS integration
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How to get it

The easiest way we recommend is to contact our Customer Support team, who is always available 24/7. They should be able to sort that out on your POS machine

How to get it

The feature is available to everyone who install DingDoong. However, with the Free plan, you can only use any function of the app for the first 20 orders of the month, until the next billing cycle

Who is it for?

Online-to-offline (O2O) businesses would certainly benefit the most from the function, with both online and offline orders synced to your Shopify, so you can plan your orders fulfillment and shipping effectively.

Who is it for?
Why DingDoong?

DingDoong offers the most simple to use solution to businesses, with 24/7 customer support. In addition, online and offline orders are synced to Shopify and your Google Calendar, so that nothing will be missed.

Why DingDoong?

Tegrate with POS for
seamless planning

Everything will be synced to Shopify and your Google Calendar, so you’ll never miss or forget anything

There are occasions when it’s extra busy for us, which we can accommodate every customers but only with a proper planning. This app has help us a lot in doing so.

- Alejandro Lopez, Marketing Coordinator
Seamless integration Seamless integration All orders either online or offline will be synced to Shopify and Google Calendar
24/7 support 24/7 support We support everyone, everywhere, with everything, 24/7
Easy to set up, easy to use Easy to set up,
easy to use
Everything should come with DingDoong app, and the user interface should be easy enough to follow and use for everyone

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Frequently asked questions

Orders from both sources can be seen on Shopify admin, and will also be synced to your personal Google Calendar, so you won't miss anything.
Yes! We're available to contact 24/7 regarding any problem, and we'll get the developers involved as well if necessary
Rates are linked to zones. You can set unlimited zones and have as many rates for a zone as you like. You can have price-based rates, weight-based rates, or have both active at the same time.
Yes, you are allowed to specify which rates are shown: all, the lowest or the highest
Happy to say that DingDoong works well with all kind of zipcodes, even with complicated UK postcode system

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