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Encourage orders on your website and increase order value for a single transaction, be the first to offer a new standard for online shopping with Group order function Resolve your daily food delivery challenges with DingDoong complete shipping solution
Unlock higher
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At least once a week, one in three U.S. consumers uses a food ordering service to place online food orders
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Each year, the food industry and online food ordering trends grow by at least 20% in the U.S
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60% of restaurateurs report that offering delivery has led to an increase in revenue
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78% of off-premise orders are placed through direct food ordering applications, while 22% of them are placed via third-party platforms
Food service can be difficult to manage. You want to earn the most revenue without compromising food quality or workforce productivity.

With DingDoong, not only can you plan your production and delivery by time and date but you can actually limit number of order customers can place by time slot, avoid overcommitting during busy periods.

You can also create different shipping rate to different area of town, or because the product needs a special shipping requirement.

DingDoong provides a solution to all of these problems, while giving you tools to do some more such as Pickup rate or Group Ordering.

What’s more is that it can intergrate with your store’s POS so that you can seamlessly manage your offline and online orders.
Schedule a food delivery, pickup & manage workload, inventories
Different date & time settings
Limit orders
Delivery area validation
Delivery and pickup rates
Order management
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Made easy
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Position date picker widget
Move your date picker to any position you desire on product page, cart page, ajax cart or all of them
Customize the widget
Be flexible to decide the looks and feel of your date picker widget from layout, format, language, shape and color. If you don’t have good eye on design, rest assured that DingDoong offers available widget settings aligned with your store theme (Dawn, Crave, Studio, Fresh...) and event theme (halloween, christmas,...). Draw your customer attention and increase the conversion rate by 70% now!
Make easy
Date setting
date setting title
Set business availibility
Decide the day of the week you are available to handle your business (Working days), disable the day you don’t offer delivery/ pickup in the calendar (Blackout dates), configure the time you stop dispatching orders on your working days (Cut-off time)
Set product availibility
Set product-wise preparation time, mark individual products as available only for pickup, delivery, or just shipping, mark individual products as available on specific days of the week, mark individual products as available at each store location
Set multi-location
Set up unlimited locations with store pickup option and configure different pickup date & time slots for each location
limit order title
Limit order by day and time slot can be incredily handy for a lot of people. By limiting order can be placed in certain time or on certain day, you’re making customers compromise with your productivity. Essentially, you’re not turning customers away, you’re just saying “That’s out of my production capacity, please understand”. Avoid overworking and overcompromising by limiting order is one of the way to ensure productivity and product quality.
limit order
delivery title
Allow you to narrow down where you want to deliver your product. This is important for not overcommiting and overworking, because you don’t have to deliver every order placed, and able to say no to orders over your delivery area, delivery which could make you unprofitable.

Customize to see the invalid postal codes customers have entered, so you can plan your business expansion accordingly.
shipping title
Not every order is as profitable as others. Sometimes, shipping fee can be higher than expected. This could be due to delivery pricing, special delivery need, special product need and so on.

With shipping rate, you can change the shpping fee based on weight, distance, total cart value.

You can also choose which rate is shown for which product: all eligible rates, the highest or the lowest. This could be influential to customers’ purchasing decision.

Shipping rate is crucial for both sales and accounting strategy.
order title
Easily manage your order with built-in-calendar, making it quick to sort orders by customer tag or customed tag.

Manage your orders without having to log in to Shopify. All orders are synced to your personal Google Calendar. Orders can be seen on your mobile app. Notifications will also be sent to alert shipment.

Orders within up to 60 days can be exported outside for your personal usage, including order’s address, timing and so on.

All your logistics operations are made more efficient and more effective.
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What’s the best way to boost revenue and customer satisfaction at the same time?

Group order is the answer. For long, merchants use free delivery threshold and total cart promotion to encourage customers buy more. This sometimes make people involve in more people in the cart to increase the value, but the process of Group ordering is without the necessary tool. Group order is here to solve that. It encourage people to get their friends, family, colleagues involved.

With DingDoong, you don’t have to use a third-party software and sharing commission to them. The feature comes with the app!
The online food delivery market’s largest segment is direct-to-consumer ordering (as opposed to third-party ordering)
On average, third-party online ordering platforms take a 30% commission from each order
30% of American diners who don’t use third-party online ordering apps avoid them specifically because they want to support restaurants directly
78% of off-premise orders are placed through direct food ordering applications, while 22% of them are placed via third-party platforms
Get people involved and order value increased
New shopping experience
Increase total order value
Encourage international shopping
Works brilliantly with DingDoong
Introduce more people to the site
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Group order comes free with all stores has DingDoong installed. All you need to do is go to DingDoong app on Shopify admin, go to tab Group order, enable the function and you’re ready!
Decide the position & tailor the widget
Not only that but you can also adjust the appearance of Group Order widget to visually fit better to your store. This including, but not limited to, changing colours, icon, position of the widget.
promotion title
Group order can be used to meet promotional requirement.

Say your promotional threshold is $50. Normally, people can actually not to opt for this promotion, and willing to pay less. This is not ideal for sellers because the cart value is small, yet the shipping fee must be beared.

With Group order, more people are involved, hence the promotion is met easier, and therefore higher revenue. Happy group of customers, happy sellers.
friendly title
All the customers need to do is create a mutual cart, send the invitation link to their friends or anyone involved, and continue their shopping on their own device without having to log in. Once everyone is done with their shopping and confirm their selection, the cart owner (creator of the cart) review the order, edit out any item they don’t want to pay for, then pay for the whole cart.

The order will be delivered to the address of choice, but only 1 address allowed.

It’s that simple!

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