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“This is very flexible for overseas customers because now with 1 shipment, customers will have to pay the delivery fee once, but since everyone joins in the cart, the cart value is big enough to make the delivery fee seems insignificant.”

The result achieved in the first 3 quarters of 2022

Money bag
increase in the revenue in comparison to 2021’s first 3 quarters
Online shopping
increase in revenue from overseas orders
increase in the total number of orders
open new business opportunities in Singapore, Germany and South Africa
Courtney Henry
Marketing Coordinator
With Group ordering, we are able to increase the value per order stats we’ve been trying to boost. Not only is it better to increase our local sales figure but we can also expect our overseas revenue to be better. Other than that, the delivery and pick up function is obviously useful. They have 24/7 customer service as well, so everything is solved no matter the time zone. Good things can only be said about DingDoong.
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About client

Knowledge Warehouse Bookstore (or KWB) is an online bookstore. They first set up in 2014 and have been trying to expand their business ever since. They now have warehouses in the UK, Australia, the US and Canada, but ship to 100+ different countries. KWB sell both fiction, non-fiction and comic books, but only sell new books and in English, except their comic book range, which they also accept donations and re-selling.

Because KWB is an e-commerce company, their business could only flourish if they have the right digital tool, including operational functions such as order and shipment planning, or marketing tools as digital ads

KWB’s Pain Points

Pain point
Although shipping to 100+ countries and regions, their main markets are those English speaking countries, places where they have warehouses: the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada. For these countries, KWB’s customers do expect the shipment to come as soon as possible, but it’s certain that they aren’t always at home to receive the order, and when that happens, sometimes customers have to go to the local warehouse, which is inconvenient for a few.

On top of that, KWB is also looking to explore new business opportunities with overseas shopping. They want to increase their revenue from non-English speaking countries as for their main markets, it looks like the revenue aren’t growing. Plus, globalization enables foreigner to move to other countries with ease, so there are demands in non-English speaking countries, both for the native and the English speakers. However, shipping fee can be high, which makes the purchase unattractive

The solution offered by DingDoong

DingDoong provides a solution for KWB to meet the demand of local warehouses, while creating a new shopping experience for overseas customers.

With DingDoong, KWB’s customers are now able to set up delivery time, changing the dynamic of the shipment altogether, from customers having to wait for the delivery until uncertainty to customers know exactly when the order will arrive. Sure it would mean having to fulfill their expectation, but customers would be much happier, and much more willing to comeback to the service and refer it to others.

With Group order feature, shoppers are allowed to add multiple people to the cart, eventually increase the cart value. This is very flexible for overseas customers because now with 1 shipment, customers will have to pay the delivery fee once, but since everyone joins in the cart, the cart value is big enough to make the delivery fee seems insignificant.

With the introduction of Group order function, KWB can now increase their revenue from their 4 main markets, as businesses now can order books for their employees as a form of welfare. Small businesses are the biggest B2B customer in this segment, with them having enough resources to attract new people, but don’t know how. By providing a free to access reading resource, they’re adding new welfare to their list. It’s not decisive for sure, but it does help.

The solution offered by DingDoong

KWB’s first 3 quarters of 2022 (the start of their DingDoong usage) revenue increased by 17% in comparison to 2021’s first 3 quarters. Revenue from 4 main markets increased by 11%, while revenue from overseas orders increased by 53%. Number of order increase by 34%, while inventory cycle time is reduced.

Customer satisfaction also increased, with the number of 5* reviews increase by 72.

Overseas revenue is now catching up with main markets’ revenue, and overall revenue and profit also increased. DingDoong did not only solve their challenges but also open up new business opportunities for KWB, and we’re as excited about the future of KWB as they are

The future of Good Time Pastry

With new business prospects arriving from overseas, they’re looking to open new warehouses in the Singapore, Germany and South Africa. They are economy hub of their respective regions, and have the logistics capability to deliver orders to surrounding countries.

With new technology, KWB also expect an increase in revenue and profit margin in the upcoming years, with target revenue increase by 16% by the end of 2022

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