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Qr code menu: A modern experience and competitive edge

QR code menu provides a convenient new way to order from table. Customers will be amazed by the frictionless ordering process, eye-captivating pictures, irresistible offers, all while impulsively spend more without them realizing it.

Qr code menu
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Digital menu
What’s QR code menu?

Qr code menu (quick-response) can be understood as a barcode that people can scan with their own camera phones or any QR reader-enabled device to access the restaurant's menu without downloading any apps required.

Amazingly, with the Qr code menu, diners can do their total ordering process without any support or interference from order staff, which reduces the physical interactions to the minimum.

What’s QR code menu?
How does QR code menu work?

Traditionally, people enter restaurants, wait for order staff to give them a seat, give them a menu, write down their order, transfer order information to the kitchen area, bring the food out, give them a receipt and check their payment. In this way, servers are an indispensable part. If restaurants don't have enough staff, they can't serve their customers in a perfect way.

Qr code menu, a smart table ordering solution, and a revolution in the restaurant industry have reduced the need for order staff.

People enter the restaurant, take their own seats, scan the responsive Qr code on their table, view the menu, and actively place their orders on their own devices, the order information is auto-transferred to the kitchen areas and the chef prepares the order, runner serves the order, diners check their bill and do the payment directly via Qr code ordering system.

People order more safely, conveniently, and quickly. Dinners control all their dining-in experience as they expected.

How does QR code menu work?
Drive better customer experience
Get a safe dining experience

Touchless dining experiences offered by Qr code technology give customers a more safe & hygienic way to enjoy their meals. Compared to the physical menus which are touched, and handled by hundreds of other guests and servers, paperless menus are the smart solution that reduces the surface that has to be touched and stops potential exposure to germs and viruses as result.

No paper menu, no receipt passing over hand, and less face-to-face contact, Qr code table ordering is being widely used in forward-thinking restaurants to ensure a safe dining experience for their dinners.

Drive better customer experience
Increase operational efficiency
Automate all ordering & payment process

Qr code ordering has transformed a restaurant business to become more accurate and efficient by automating all internal & front-of-house tasks.

Staff are also free from transactional tasks, therefore they have more time to focus on attending to guests and getting items out to tables quickly.

Better communication between management, staff, and customers

QR code ordering makes communication between departments of the restaurant become more effective. No mishearing or mistranslation, all orders, payment, and customer information will be auto-transferred to the relevant departments and managed in a seamless flow.

Reduce the need for order staff and save on labor cost

Traditionally, a server is an indispensable part of any restaurant. They get their impression at any stage in their customers' journey: welcoming guests, making orders, transferring order information to kitchen areas, take caring of guests during their meal.

Qr code menus have changed the way restaurants do their business and changed the table serving for good as well. The smart table ordering encourages diners to become their own servers, get all their ordering control and decide their experience in the way they expect. Therefore, servers increase their productivity, save their ordering time & moving time to pass info across departments, minimize errors and mistaken dishes, and serve food more quickly.

Increase operational efficiency
Increase revenue

Restaurants do gain a lot from QR code menus in terms of revenue growth. They can serve more customers with less staff. Customers may enjoy self-serve and contactless dining which has been proven to boost average customer spending by 5% compared to ordering in person.

Qr code menus enable restaurants to feature menus in the way they expected in real-time, which is so easy and convenient for them to upsell or prompt customers to buy more by displaying relevant supper deals or recommendations.

Increase revenue
Leverage marketing activities

All order, payment, and customer information will be saved and transferred to all relevant departments, including marketing & sale ones. The data can be used for remarketing which creates personalized offers that entice guests to make a return visit, turning them from first-time guests into regulars.

Leverage marketing activities

Create a unique experience for your customers with QR code

A QR menu produces a modern experience, makes customers feel trendy and brilliantly triggers impulsive behaviors.

For us, the QR code menu is fantastic as it makes our customers feel trendy. Lots of older people feel younger, more modern with it. It provides a competitive edge for us because of the experience it produces.

- Quan Tran, Coffee shop owner
Easy to set up, easy to use Effortless set up We’ll help you 99,9% with your set up, including integrating the POS items and notifications, data collection and so on
Never miss a single shipment 24/7 support We do offer 24 hours/7 days a week support for anything and everything related to the QR code menu.
Improve customer satisfaction Improve revenue intake Digital menu in general and QR code menu in particular triggers impulsive buying through frictionless ordering process and payment.

Frequently asked questions

QR menu provides a modern experience for restaurants and cafes. It helps owners reduce labor cost and improve revenue
Traditional menu provides a tailored, manual experience, while QR menu provide a more modern one. QR menu is also said to improve revenue by up to 22% through upsell and cross-sell
QR Menu on your phone triggers impulsive buying, so you can easily upsell and cross-sell with ease. Couple this with the frictionless payment
Certainly, the Qr code menu on DingDoong has been integrated with the world's most popular POS management system. If you are using other pos management software not connected to DingDoong digital menu, please send us any information and your specific requirements, we are so happy to work with.
You completely digitalize & manage your menu in the way you expect. HD graphics, slideshows, animations, and videos may be used to display menus in a more informative & engaging manner. Additionally, menu updates may be made instantly without paying extra for printing and update costs.
The DingDoong QR code menu not only collects customer data (name, email, or address) and order details, but it also includes a feedback section to measure your customer satisfaction. These valuable data will be carefully reported and analyzed to use for remarketing, turning the first visit into a regular one.

Give your customers a unique
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